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AC technician is a person who has full knowledge of dealing with the AC in all aspects. His/her skills make him an expert in all matters of AC. An AC technician knows everything about the AC installation, AC repair and maintenance, and the time period when the AC needs a full inspection.
Our company (AL Hadi AC Repair and Maintenance Services) provides expert AC Technicians for providing all these services. Whether you reside in Dubai or in Sharjah, Our AC Technicians can fix your Ac problems at your door steep.
AC is a beneficial home electrical appliance. It is used to make the temperature moderate and provide comfort to the inhabitants of a place. AC may be capable of serving in both kinds of weather i.e it can provide cooling in winter and heating in summer, depending upon the type of AC you have installed.
There are different types of AC as well like window AC and split AC. All types may differ a little bit and need to be handled differently. AC technicians can easily perform this duty of careful handling.
An AC comprises different components. Those components are combined together to form an AC unit. When it comes to the matter of AC installation, these parts and components have to fit in the exact places. There are specific places made for the AC installation. In such places, the parts of the AC should be installed in the correct places. Only an AC technician knows where to fit which part of the AC.
In the process of AC installation, the wiring is also a delicate and important thing. A little misdealing with the wires can lead to huge damages and losses. A skilled AC technician will connect the right wire with the right plug. In this way, there will be no risk of short circuits or any other damage.
Then the repair and maintenance of the AC is also a very sensitive matter. There are certain parts in the AC and any of those can get out of order and needs to be checked and repaired. If an unskilled person comes to inspect he will be unable to detect the exact fault and may induce new faults by disturbing the other parts of an AC. But an AC technician will never do so he will detect the exact fault and repair it as soon as possible.
There are a number of faults and your AC might be facing one among the following:
1- The AC might need an AC gas refilling.
2- The pipes may leak and a new pipe fitting may be required.
3- The air filter may be dirty.
4- The can be damaged in the compressor.
5- The evaporator coil may have a blockage.
6- Capacitor may fail.
7- The thermostat may not be functioning properly.
8- Strange noise from the AC.
9- Again and again trip the circuit breaker.
10- Bad smelling of AC.
11- The duct may have leakage.
12- An electrical failure.
13- The fan of the AC may fail.
14- The airflow may be weak.
An AC will accurately detect the fault and fix it.
Our company is best known for providing all the services of AC whether it is the installation or maintenance. So we have hired the best AC technician for providing you with the best services. Contact us now if you need an AC technician.

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