Guideline – Why It’s Important to Do AC Maintenance Every Year

For some people, Air conditioners are a necessity that they use only in summers but for many people, it is an all-season necessity if you are living in humid and tropical weather. Nevertheless, is important to do Ac maintenance at least every year.

Ac maintenance in Dubai and other hot cities becomes very important Ac crash in summers can swiftly make your home unbearably hot.

Here are some of the reasons to do maintenance yearly.

It will help you thrive in summers:

Getting a fix up during the Spring season is the best way to get your air conditioner ready for the Summer season. Since your Ac has not been used during the spring its efficiency may have degraded.

You want your Ac to be energy efficient during the Summers so it is best to get it checked during spring particularly if you live in a hotter part of the world. Your Ac needs maintenance so that it can get you through all of that hotness.

Repairing an Ac is more costly than its maintenance:

Let’s take an example of a car, have you ever repaired your car after it was broken down then you would know exactly how costly it is. The same is the case for an Ac it is one of those machines if it crumbles it might be more economical to buy a new one.

Nearly half of the repairs could be bypassed if the AC is maintained yearly.

Extend the lifetime of your AC:

It is common sense that frequent check-ups on your Ac are both precautionary and preservation measures. It will help reduce problems beforehand that need expensive repairs.

In the same way, if you are skipping regular maintenance small problems will not be identified and could quickly grow into huge ones that will cost you more money.

Maintenance helps sustain maximum performance:

For the air conditioner to maintain its productivity yearly tune-ups are vital. Otherwise, its efficiency reduces by 5% each year. Many causes add to the decrease in efficiency of Ac one of them is particle collection around the coils. In your HVAC system, anything from dirt to dust can get in through the holes when these store in the coils that are responsible for heat transfer are not able to do as effectively.

These particles block the heat and your Ac becomes less adapt to chilling.

It is endorsed by organizations:

EnergyStar, USDE, and the EPA say that yearly maintenance of your air conditioner is important.

Warranty hangs on routine maintenance:

Almost all of the appliances come with a warranty. Many Ac brands require you to have regular maintenance if you want to claim that warranty. They simply say that replacement parts are only provided if Ac was given regular maintenance.

Ac maintenance in Dubai or other hot cities becomes crucial because they are used annually.

Scheduling will be comfortable:

Many people make the blunder of getting their maintenance in Summer in which scheduling becomes difficult because of the season. Instead, you should schedule your maintenance in spring and the technician will easily be able to available.

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