How Often Should You Schedule Ac Maintenance

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Like other appliances, an Ac goes through expected mileage and requires service to work correctly. Air passage of Ac sums dust, residue, and other heresies, whether you use it daily or only in the summers.

If you do not service your Ac from time to time, it will result in durability and energy efficiency issues. While it’s a good idea to do regular check-ins, professional service is required to keep your Ac Maintenance.

The question is, how many times do you need a service? Once or twice a year? or every month? I will explain everything in this article:

How many Times an Ac Service is Important:

It is recommended that you should service your Ac at least one time a year. It will increase your Ac lifetime and save your dollars. The best time for your Ac Maintenance is considered as Spring. It will run optimally because the weather is warm enough to operate your cooling system.

Why not Service your Ac in Summers and Winters?

Servicing an Ac in winters is a bad idea. Ac with the condensing unit is not considered to be run in winters because the unit contains oils that lubricate the compressor, and the oil works best in warm conditions. When the weather is cold, it thickens the oil, and it will not lubricate properly.

During summers, the refrigerant lines often leak from Ac coils, and you will face problems in service. And your schedule is busy in summer, that’s why it’s better to knock the rush. Don’t choose too extreme weather for Ac Maintenance.

What Happened in Ac Servicing:

Air conditioners maintenance includes checking drain tubes, central unit, return and supply ducts for minor debris damages, checking filters, checking heat coils and exchangers, and many more.

  • A professional will clean all the parts and lubricate them to check if they are working correctly.
  • They will examine airflow and electricity, and if something is wrong, they will call it to your attention.
  • They will check all the refrigerant levels and inspect Bowler, ductwork, and condenser.
  • Condensate drain clogs frequently, and they will fix this problem too.
  • They will make sure that your thermostat is working correctly. If needed, they will re-program it.
  • You will experience a deep Ac examination that includes a significant amount of Ac Maintenance.

Ac Maintenance DIY:

There are a few DIY tricks one can do before calling a professional service.

Changing Filters:

One of the best methods to sustain your central unit is by changing filters. Just locate your filter’s slot, take out the old one, insert the new one but take care of airflow and which side of the filter needs to face out.

Little Cleansing:

Make sure the indoor vents are clean. Then, pour bleach with water and clean the outside of the unit to avoid algae and mold buildup.

Check the Performance:

When you assess its outside appearances, it’s time to check its performance. Check if the unit is usually working and your home is getting cooler.

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