Split AC ( Air conditioner) Cleaning Service In UAE

ac cleaning services in uae

As we all know about the scorching heat and dust storms of UAE. They have a crucial impact on the quality of air. Bad quality of air becomes a source of major health problems. The circulation of bad air can accelerate many allergies and respiratory diseases. Due to dust storms, dust particles accumulate everywhere and even in the pipelines of machines. AC cleaning services are necessary if you are living in Dubai or in Sharjah because here the duration of the summer season is much longer as compared to the winter season. It is recommended to get your AC cleaning services twice a year. It will assist you in keeping a good environment and improve the cooling outcome. Moreover, it will also decrease electricity consumption. We provide the best and fast Split Ac(air conditioner) cleaning services in UAE.

Types of ACs:

There are several types of ACs in markets depending on the need, space, and budget of customers. When
selecting the best type one should have good knowledge about them.

Types of AC are described below:

  • Split AC
  • Central air conditioner
  • Window air conditioning system
  • Portable air conditioning system
  • Dual fuel air conditioning system
  • Ductless split air conditioning system
  • Ground-mounted air conditioning system
  • Geothermal air conditioning system
  • Cassette air conditioning system

Split AC is an air conditioning system that comprises two separate units i.e. air handling unit and an air condensing unit. It can be installed ubiquitously because there is no ductwork. The only disadvantage of split AC is that they are not enough for cooling large areas but they are the best option for homes and offices. If your split AC is not working well and you are worried about its performance then you are at the right site. Our company “AL Hadi AC Repair & Maintenance Services” is providing the best split AC cleaning services in Sharjah and Dubai.

Our AC Technicians are highly authorized and are available 24/7 at your doorstep to provide their services. Additionally,
we do not negotiate on the quality. We are giving split AC cleaning service at a budget-friendly rate as
compared to other companies which demand high rates and sometimes also the hidden charges.

Why you can’t clean your split AC by yourself:

Avoid attempting to clean your split AC by yourself because cleaning requires special tools, antifungal, antibacterial sprays, coil cleaners, and AC flush kits. Moreover, one must have proper knowledge about it as this cleaning is not like your house cleaning tasks. A detailed split AC cleaning service deals with several parts that you would not be able to get in touch with. You can only clean the filters by yourself. To keep your appliance in good working condition, a professional AC cleaning service is must required on regular basis.
“AL Hadi AC Repair & Maintenance Services” assures you that after taking our 1st split AC cleaning service you will choose us again. We make customers for the long term.

Our cleaning includes the entire cleaning of interior parts using water pressure and specific chemicals designed for cleaning aluminum. We use special kinds of blowers and vacuums. That all seem like you have to wait for long hours but it is not like that. Our staff is highly efficient and trained, they can do all this deep split AC cleaning service in just one or two hours. Dirty or blocked split AC needs to work hard to chill the air and room environment. A Split AC does not consume too much electricity if they are regularly cleaned. Due to our tough routines and busy schedule, it is difficult to remember when our split AC needs cleaning service. Our company provides their services at your desired time.
As we do not charge high for split AC cleaning service you can easily book us on regular basis near you in Dubai and Sharjah. It will save you from paying hundreds of Dirhams. We are a company, that genuinely cares about our customers.
We are looking forward to you. Book your appointment today and feel relaxed whether you are at home or at
the office. If you have any questions related to split AC cleaning service feel free to ask via email or call.

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