Why My AC Is Not Cooling Even After Gas Refill?

Why my ac not cooling

Why my AC is not cooling even after a gas refill? The question might be rising in your mind, due to improper cooling by your AC, even after a proper AC gas refilling. Well, there can be several reasons for low cooling in AC, other than gas refilling.

Today we will know about those reasons

ACS are installed at the places for cutting down the extreme effects of the temperatures. Nowadays ACs are multi-functioning devices because they can provide cooling in the summers and heating in the winters. In this way, they provide ultimate comfort to human beings in carrying out their daily activities.
AC gas refilling or AC refrigerant refilling is a compulsory thing after regular intervals of time for getting accurate cooling from the AC. AC gas refilling is really a delicate matter which needs proper measurements of refrigerant. The manufacturing companies of the ACs clearly mention the quantity of refrigerant which is required for the perfect working of an AC. While refilling the refrigerant, those instructions must be followed and the AC gas must be filled in an accurate ratio. However, the AC might not be working properly even after AC gas refilling.

The reason which can cause ACs is low performance.

1- Leakage in pipes:

The AC might have leakage in pipes, and as a result, the gas filled in the conditioner can be leaked. Obviously, when the gas will not stay in the conditioner due to pipe leakage, the AC will not perform well. If you are having this problem the solution is changing the pipes because without changing the pipes, again and again, AC gas refilling will be only a waste of money.

2- Clogged air filter:

There can be clogs in the air filter of the air conditioner. The dust may accumulate in the air filters and clock them. When the filters have clogged the passage of air will not be smooth. As a result, the performance of AC will be low. The solution lies in cleaning the air filters or replacing them.

3- Dirty coils:

There are mainly two coils in the AC, the evaporator coil and the condenser coil. these coils may get dirty and result in low performance of AC. The air conditioners collect the heat from the air in the room for lowering the temperature. The condenser evaporates that heat and results in cooling. If the coils are dirty the heat will not be dissipated and the air conditioner will not cool the environment. As a solution, clean the coils or replace them if required.

4- Insufficient coolant:

The coolant is present in the evaporator coil of the air conditioner. The air flows in the evaporator coil and becomes cool due to the circulation of coolant in the coil. If the amount of this coolant decreases from a certain level the air will not be cold enough for the air conditioner. This is a stage where you have to call a technician for the refilling of the coolant.

5- Faulty compressor:

The compressor is a motor and it is used to compress the refrigerant/coolant and help these substances for moving in a condenser and the evaporator coil to produce cold air. A compressor is the central component of an AC. It effectively maintains the temperature of your place. So, if there is a fault in your compressor, fix it immediately.

6- Faulty thermostat:

The thermostat in the AC is a device that senses the temperature of the place and conveys a message to the compressor for starting or stopping the cooling cycle. If there is a fault in the thermostat then you might get insufficient cooling. Call an expert who will check out the thermostat and fix the problem.

7- Defective parts:

The AC contains several parts and the main components. The might be a defect in those parts which may lead to the low cooling of AC, that effect may be present in the control board, thermistor, capillary, or motor. Repair those defects to get optimal performance of your AC.

8- High atmospheric pressure:

There is an optimum operating temperature of the AC. In simple words, this is the temperature, at which AC gives the maximum cooling. If the temperature deviates from the limit the cooling of the AC will be decreased.

9- Undersized AC:

The ACS is available in different sizes. When you go to buy an AC you must be aware of the suitable size for the AC which will fit in the room and provide maximum cooling. If you buy an AC of wrong size i.e small AC for a large room. It will not be able to cool that home sufficiently.

10- Faulty AC remote:

Another reason for low cooling in AC might be the faulty AC remote. You can buy a new AC remote to get rid of this problem.
So here we present some reasons why my AC is not cooling even after a gas refill.

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