AC repair near Dubai and Sharjah

ac repair near dubai and sharjah

AC repair is the service that you want to avail yourself of instantly when your AC suddenly becomes out of order. It becomes tough to withstand high temperatures in extreme weather. AL Hadi AC Repair & Maintenance Services is here to provide you with AC repair near Dubai and Sharjah. Before you hire our AC Technician or someone else for repairing your AC, read the article so that you know exactly what the problem is. Sometimes there are small problems that occur in the air conditioners that you can easily solve without proper knowledge. In such cases, you can lose your money by hiring ac technicians.
AC is the modern invention of science. It is invented to provide ease to mankind for survival, in the extreme seasons by moderating the temperature. AC is comprised of many components like:

  1. 1- Compressor.
  2. 2- Thermal expansion valve.
  3. 3- Condenser.
  4. 4- Evaporator.
  5. 5- Refrigerant.
  6. 6- Thermostat.
  7. 7- Air filter.
  8. 8- Condenser coil.
  9. 9- Fan.
  10. 10- Centrifugal Fan.
  11. 11- Air handler.

All these components are assembled in an AC, that works together for providing heating in winter and cooling in summer. At any time, any of these components may become out of order and needs repair, for which you have to look for AC repair services near me. Our company provides you with these services by hiring the best technicians. These AC technicians are equipped with all the knowledge regarding AC. They will detect the fault and repair it.

Possible AC faults:

As we have seen that there are different components of the AC, which may get affected.

Some of the possible AC faults are mentioned below:

1- Decreased Refrigerant:
The AC is filled with refrigerant or AC gas. The AC gas delivers the cooling and heating to the confined places where they are installed. With continuous working, the amount of the refrigerant decreases. Then it requires AC gas refilling.

2- Water leak:
The water leak may occur in the indoor or outdoor unit of the AC. This problem occurs when there is clogging in the condensate drain. The outdoor water leak may occur as a result of a dry filter, or bad AC seal, or the installation may not be proper.

1- AC refrigerant leak:
AC refrigerant can leak from the pipes of the AC, this is really harmful and needs to repair immediately.

4- Dirty Air filter:
The air filter cleans, purifies, and keeps the air flowing for cooling purposes. The dirt may stuck in the air filter and the flow of air can be affected.

5- Damaged compressor:
Due to several reasons, the compressor of the AC may get damaged and needs to be repaired immediately.

6- Frozen evaporator coil:
The evaporator coil may get dirty due to the stuck dust and as a result, the cooling of the AC will be reduced.

7- Capacitor failure:
The capacitor is a component that starts the working of AC by pushing the motor. If the capacitor fails, the AC will stop working so you should immediately search for an AC repair service near me.

8- Thermostat malfunctioning:
If the functioning of the thermostat becomes affected, the AC will be unable to provide proper cooling.

9- AC making noise:
Sometimes the AC produces annoying loud voices which are an indication of some problem. Different sounds indicate different problems.

10- Circuit breaker keeps tripping:
The circuit breaker may trip again and again. It may happen as a consequence of several reasons.

11- AC smells bad:
A number of reasons may cause a bad smell of AC. It may be due to an electrical spark in the AC or gas leakage.

12- Leaking ducts:
The ducts are the component that is responsible for the cooling of your homes and other areas. If the ducts have some leakage or a hole in them they would be unable to provide proper cooling.

13- Failure of electric control:
The failure of electric control occurs due to the repeated turning on and off of the AC. It may affect the motor and other components and result in improper functioning of the AC.

14- AC fan failure:
The fan of the AC is located in the outdoor unit. It is responsible for transferring heat. This fault may result in other faults, so, don’t delay getting the AC repair services.

15- Weak airflow:
You may experience a weak airflow. It will definitely affect the heating and cooling provided by the AC.
Now you are familiar with the number of possible AC problems. All these problems can be repaired by contacting the companies which provide the services of AC repair near me in Dubai. Our company is the best among those companies. Expert technicians, perfect tools, and instant response are the features due to which you can choose our company. So contact us right now!

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