What is included in AC maintenance?

Spring is officially here, and you would be wondering what is done in ac servicing? Indeed the quality of your Ac maintenance depends upon the quality of the technician that performs the service. But there are some things that professional ac tune-up specials do.

Why is AC inspection so crucial?

The most crucial element in AC service is its inspection. You must have heard the words of AC tune-up or AC check-up. Think of these as a review of your house’s heating and cooling system. It is also an examination of your HVAC equipment and, if possible, will include your home air cleansing system.

In this article, we will highlight what does ac maintenance include so that the next time you have an appointment for AC maintenance, you will have an air conditioner maintenance checklist.


The technician will make sure your thermostat is working correctly, and they will also make sure that it is located away from all the heat sources like heat emitting appliances or light bulbs. AC tune-up specials will also calibrate the thermostat.

Inspect/Screw up Electrical Connections:

Air conditioner maintenance service also includes inspecting electrical connections to make sure they are working safely. Inspecting electrical connections catches possible electrical dangers and will boost the lifespan of your heating and chilling system.

Oil moving parts:

This step of air conditioning maintenance procedures ensures that you are not causing undue damage to moving parts with friction. Lack of lubrication causes system parts to break down faster, requiring regular repairs or substitutes.

Sterile and Inspect Condensate Drain Line:

Cleaning your air conditioner condensate line confirms that your AC can adequately drain liquid condensate. If your drain line is clogged, this can cause water leaks and other wetness and dampness problems.

Cleansing condensate drain line also eliminates any bacteria or mold around your drain line. Your ac tune-up specials will also check if you have a cracked condensate drain plain and be able to replace or repair if you have any leaks in condensate drain lines.

System Controls Inspection:

This AC maintenance checklist ensures safe operation and proper air conditioner cycling. It is crucial to check if your system starts, operates, and shuts down properly.

Cleaning and Changing Air Filters:

The ac tune-up specials ensure that you have clean and working air filters appropriate for your existing system. Although you should change your air filters yourself(and you should!), your technician might point out a better filtration system or better filter that you should be utilizing.

Outdoor unit assessment:

Dirt and debris should be taken care of by the user around the area of your outdoor AC unit. Sometimes pesticides damage or get stuck and may damage the wiring, so try to keep the area of your outdoor unit neat and clean.

Fan Assessment:

The user should check the blades and motor on the fan to make sure they are not damaged.

These are all the checklists that should be included in AC maintenance. I made sure that after reading this article, you would never have to search for what does ac maintenance include.

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